Book: E-myth Mastery

I just read a bit of E-Myth Mastery, which is not at all about what I thought it would be about. The original E-Myth was about systems and processes and automation, but this one is about mindfulness and waking up and understanding who you really are and leadership. (Turns out the first one didn’t really get people where he wanted them to…ideas aren’t enough.)

He makes this point: after you realize you have enough money, and time, when you stop running around trying to get more of those (which is where most people are, the running), when you realize you really do have enough, then you face the true issue which is what you are going to do with what you have? What choices do you want to make, what do you want to create?

When I was 20, I made goals that were at most a few months out. Sure, I finished college, but that goal was made for me. Yes, I started a business, but I pretty much did that one week or month at a time. I didn’t think about it, except in the vaguest terms.

Now I’m looking at 30 and realizing that if I spent five years learning something I would be able to learn something really well that I know nothing about right now. And that’s an interesting idea. And, a somewhat daunting one.

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