Review of Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Animal: Awesome!

I’ve been looking for the right vacuum for a while. That is why I currently own 3 of them (sigh).

  • One little cordless one (bad suction, battery dies easily)
  • One hand-held corded one (awesome suction, but too annoying to have to plug in for small jobs)
  • One upright bagless (works pretty well, but so loud I have to wear noise-canceling¬†headphones, plus it it’s big/bulky)

We were in CostCo and saw this space-age looking thing:

It’s CORDLESS. Which greatly reduces the barrier-to cleaning. Which I seriously need. Because while my Virgo-ness makes me enjoy order and cleanliness, it does not seem to extend to making me enjoy the process of achieving order and cleanliness.

Oddly, Amazon only seems to carry the non-Animal version of the DC35 (which gets great reviews). But the Animal seems to be the same, it just has a purple head instead of blue and comes with an extra mini motorized brush that is optimized for removing pet hair from upholstery.

Long story short, I bought it.

You can vacuum for 15 minutes with a regular attachment, 13 minutes with the rotating-head variety of attachment, and 6 minutes on the “Max” mode for more suction.


  • You can attach the attachments to the hose as pictured above, or directly to the head to make a mini-vac. This is awesome if you want to vacuum your curtains, upholstery, car, or your pants (er, if your cat shed all over them).
  • The lower barrier-to-cleaning thing is HUGE. When I got home, I took this nimble creature into areas of my house I hardly ever feel like lugging my big ol’ vacuum to. Without the cord, vacuuming is so much less of an investment.
  • Personally I feel that the limit of 15/13/6 minutes you can vacuum isa good thing. It makes me feel like picking up the vacuum will always be a small job, because it can only last a maximum of 15 minutes.
  • The recharging station neatly stores your attachments. Well, two of them…I guess the extra “pet hair” attachment wasn’t figured in to their plans when they built it.
  • When I got it home, I had just vacuumed my big rug the day before. I scrubbed it with this thing and it picked up a lot of fur and looked a lot cleaner. And I didn’t have to wear earplugs to do it. =)
  • For branding geeks…there is a cute booklet in the package titled “The Dyson Story” that details the history of Mr. Dyson and how he took the idea of bagless vacuums to major vacuum manufacturers and they were like, “Are you kidding? Those bags are recurring income!”. So he had to make his own.
  • This vac has the full power of a corded one, which is pretty amazing. And it doesn’t wimp out slowly. It’s full on until it runs out of juice.


  • You have to hold down a trigger to make it vacuum – there is no On/Off switch that stays permanently in position. While this means you never accidentally run down the battery, it does make your hand sore after awhile, especially on carpet, because…
  • Rugs and carpet can take some effort to push the rotating head across, especially on “Max” mode. Pushing like this while your hand is clenched to depress the trigger gave me pretty sore hands after 6 minutes. I kept changing hands, and if I wasn’t paying attention, my hand would naturally want to relax and unclench, making the vacuum turn off. However, because this vacuum encourages more regular small cleaning jobs, I don’t think I’ll have to use the Max mode in the future because I’ll be picking up the cat hair more regularly. That’s my (hopeful) theory. I’ve had this rotating-head-is-hard-to-push-on-carpet thing with other vacuums with good suction, so I think it just comes with the territory.
  • You have to kind of scrub the carpet to get the hair up – i.e. run the vacuum head over it a few times. It doesn’t just magically lift. But I’ve experienced this with all vacuums – pet hair is hard. The first pass usually rolls the pet hair into little rivulets and bunches, and then the second and third suck those up.
  • Due to its cordless nature, you need to install the docking/recharging station near an outlet. Which means you can’t hide it in your closet – you need to find an out of the way nook for it out in plain site (unless you have outlets in your closet – if so, go you!). Luckily, it’s attractive for a vacuum and has a slim profile.
  • They recommend you remove the filter and rinse it out once a month. Yay for being able to clean it rather than replace it, but I didn’t realize I’d have to track this.

Overall, I give it an “awesome!”.

While there is a lot of Hmmmm…. here, I think most of it falls under the category of “pet hair is hard to vacuum” rather than “this vacuum is bad”. This vacuum has a lot of suction, and a good brush, and the rest is just physics.

I’m pretty sure that this will enable me to get rid of all my other vacuums. I certainly don’t need my two handheld ones anymore, and I think the upright can also go…if I had a bigger house, I could see wanting a big vacuum, but with 750 square feet I’d rather have the closet space back.


Here’s another review that’s helpful.


  1. Emma,

    This was a great review! I have done a LOT of research on this cordless vac and finally decided to pull the trigger. You and a few other well written reviews were enough to help me decide on which was best. I really like how much power it has and the fact that I can convert it to a handheld so easily, this was the biggest selling point for me personally. I’m so happy I have this, I will never live in a home that doesn’t have a cordless vac again. I never knew cleaning out my car could be so easy.

    Thanks again Emma for putting in the work on your review so that we don’t have to, it’s greatly appreciated!!!

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