New Design: Grown-up Boots

I’ve got new boots (again).

They kinda grew up. They’re all, like, sophisticated and stuff. And they are going places.

They are actually the same boots I had originally used back in 2006…but retooled a bit. And they have legs now–excitement!

The new tagline is “notes from a UX geek”. UX = user experience (design).

My goal with the redesign is to give the blog a focus.

In 2011 I gained a lot of clarity about who I am and what I want to do. And it boils down to “UX”. UX for software, and UX for life. I’m an optimizer.

A few months ago I gutted the blog, removing most of the older posts because I wanted to establish new lines between public and private and eliminate the “processing out loud” aspect. Perhaps they held some value, but they are not where I’m at now, and I wanted a fresh start.

But I still didn’t have a focus and it felt like this blog existed for no reason. It needed a purpose; a direction. With this new design I am aiming to make it a place where I can bring all of my various interests and projects together: a home base.


  1. Nice boots!

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