Multipotentialites, Scanners, and Renaissance Souls

There are more terms to describe this than I thought.

Scanner (coined by Barbara Sher in Refuse to Choose)

Deep Divers can by temperament and disposition fit happily and deeply into one career focus. Scanners can’t, or at least not easily and happily. Scanners by temperament need to do different things, follow different ideas, fulfill different parts of themselves, and in many cases have a series of careers or be involved in parallel fulfilling activities. (Think Differently)

Other terms:


From Puttylike:

Boredom usually hits once we’ve learned what we are meant to learn on a particular topic, and instead of moving on, we try to continue down a path we’re no longer interested in. Boredom is our body’s way of telling us that it’s time to move on to something new.


Where I’m at with my multipotentiality:

Too many blogs! I want to embrace that I can cover many different subjects on one blog, and be myself, rather than create a new blog for every interest I have and then abandon them. While some things need to be separated out, many can happily co-exist if I can let go of that embarrassing feeling that I’m introducing something too divergent. (Can I talk about my doll obsession? Hair product reviews? How I’ve perfected gluten-free Mac & Cheese? An in-depth discussion of why Shopify is better than the alternatives? Well, I guess I’m gonna…)

Publish more. I have dozens (hundreds?) of potential blog posts locked up in my Google Docs. I research everything. I am prolific privately, but not much of it makes it out into the world. I want to change that.

Easier personal branding. Instead of describing myself as a writer/entrepreneur/designer/geek, I want to describe my current mission (to empower healers to succeed in business), and enduring qualities (I like optimizing experience). Organize around these, rather than particular methodologies, “career paths”, or topics that are too diverse to go into or change from day to day.

Exploration, not reinvention. Just let myself explore things without going overboard.

  • I can take an RC-S intensive without becoming a therapist
  • I can make doll clothes without opening an Etsy shop
  • I can immerse myself in a new obsession (like cooking) without creating a new blog for it.

But I’m weird in so many ways…

I’m not just a multipotentialite…I’m also:

  • very fluid with time, sometimes called a polychrone
  • a relator and an introvert – an odd combination
  • a spiritual geek – another odd combination
  • self-employed – meaning that I am out of sync with the entire working world sometimes. But hey, I can shop when there are no lines.

So, to summarize, I have an ongoing project to accept that I’m different than most people and that’s OK. It’s more than OK…it’s all the ways that I’m awesome.


  1. Hey Emma,

    Great post! Thanks for including me in it. 🙂

    I also love “optimizing experience.” Fantastic way of expressing your overarching theme in an original way.

  2. Heya! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 And hey, you’re in PDX too right? Lots of multipotentialites in this town!

  3. Lol. I didn’t know there was a term for how my mind works. Was shocked to find alotta ppl like me. No surprise on da vinci’s part tho. Nice article… I’m still looking 4 words to describe my interests n all dat. Ok i am talking too much. My thumb tends to get carried away… M an introvert 😉

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