love show piece!

I have a piece in the Love Show at Launchpad. Feb 1st, if you are in Portland come out!

Here is the piece (note: it is totally more creepy and sinister and mesmerizing in person.)
love show heart


  1. “…it is totally more creepy and sinister and mesmerizing in person.”

    that totally made me laugh! what materials did you use?

  2. I can’t wait for you to see it in person!

    The base is corkboard. I glued paper over the cork and painted it black.

    The “skin”: wallpaper scraps from SCRAP. The wallpaper is thick enough to really hold its shape when pinned back like that. I painted it black on the back and skin (ish)-colored on the front. T-pins to hold it back.

    The heart: tissue paper torn up mixed with paint and some acrylic glaze (I mix that with everything).

    The silver strips: thick textured paper painted with silver Lumiere paint and cut into strips.

  3. Oh and to make the shape of the heart – I found a simplified illustration on Google Images and traced it on my computer screen. Then I cut it out and traced it on red cardstock, then cut that out, and glued it down first. Then I built the red tissue paper 3Dness over it. I wanted the shape to be recognizable and that gave me a good guide to follow.

  4. Okay. At first I felt grossed out. Something heartish being speared, skewered. Looking at it again I’m more intrigued. I can feel both stabbing – and shafts of silver strength emanating(sp?) out. (Yes, I know, my interpretation – think your cool with this).

    Thanks for sharing how you built this marvel. I’ll be looking for it next Friday.

  5. Hi Shawn!
    It’s cool, I’m always interested in people’s interpretations because it’s like I get to discover all kinds of things about the piece.

    It see it as ambiguous too, it sometimes looks like piercing or binding and sometimes like radiating. That’s what I like about it, it really pulls me in to try to figure it out, and even when I look at it a long time, it still retains this ambiguous quality which makes it really interesting to me.

    See you at the show then!

  6. wow, emma! thanks for the detail about its construction. i love all your choices! the ‘skin’ is almost uncanny.

    shoeski: i love the multiple interpretations!

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