Boundaries With the Muse: Taming the Creator Archetype

The SoulCollage Evolving  book talks about archetypes as mythic energetic patterns. Mythic meaning bigger than an individual, part of the collective unconscious, eternal and powerful. Basically, they will come and have their way with you. They want to be expressed.

But do you want to express them?

The Creator Archetype feels like a raw rush of wild energy. I want to make and make, write and write. I stay up all night creating something. I babble excitedly. My mind goes in a million directions. It feels like drugs.

But when it’s all over, I find my sleep patterns are disrupted. I’m tired, worn out. Cranky. Empty. Hung over.

Sometimes I have something cool to show for it. Sometimes I just have a long bunch of idea babble in my journal.

So hear me roar: It’s time to have some boundaries with the Archetypes. I’m not your bitch, Creator Archetype! I’m  not going to surrender my will to take care of myself just because you have some great ideas you want to force through my mind/body. You don’t have a body, you don’t know what it’s like. I’ve got to take care of things, or I feel shitty. So you can just take a number, and I’ll do your bidding on my time.

I don’t want to be driven any more. I want to do the driving. This is my car.

The Plan

  1. Have an organized place to put my ideas, so I don’t feel I have to implement them right away. I am using Evernote with my iPad.
  2. Adopt a consistent bedtime, and other self-care habits.
  3. Remind myself of the principles below.

Principles of Sane Creativity

  1. Creativity is more like a spigot I can turn on and off than the weather that comes and goes without my control.
  2. I might hear a “knock” on the door inviting me to be creative, but I don’t have to answer it. And if I don’t, it will come back, in one form or another. Creative energy never disappears.
  3. Burnout is much easier to prevent than to cure. Take it easy.
  4. There is no net gain to over-doing. If I overwork one day, I’ll be tired for two. I would have gotten more done if I just worked a reasonable amount every day.
  5. Don’t try to fit creativity around “real” work. Do it first thing, so you can go through a whole cycle. Fit the boring work around the creative work–that way you’ll work through the creative energy and not have to stay up late.

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