Best Consumer Research Sites

Besides Google and Amazon, here are some other consumer review/research sites I love:


  • MacRumors Buying Guide – find out where your favorite Apple gadget is in its product cycle before buying a new one.
  • The Wirecutter – ¬†Brian sorts through piles of reviews to tell you the best product in each category, from home electronics to rechargeable batteries.
  • – reviews in every gadget category from tablets to fitness trackers, with the top recommendations in each category and an easy to compare score for the top products. Beautiful and easy to use site. They don’t just give overall numbers though – each review has a meta-score from critics as well as users.


  • Cooks Illustrated – The first (and generally, last) place I look for a recipe. They test to find the exact best recipe, and tell you why it works. I make delicious food, I feel successful, and that makes me cook more. They also review cooking gadgets and pans. Not free, but worth it!


  • MakeupAlley – Tons of product reviews
  • MakeupGeek – Learn how to use that product. (I learned what tightlining is! Too bad it makes my eyes burn if I cry.)
  • Folica¬†– For all your hair product questions and reviews (You do not want to see my hair without product. I look Amish.)


  • Topazon – The top 100 top-rated products across all categories on Amazon. Just the best! (I was gratified that I already owned 8 of them). [might be defunct?]
  • Consumer Search – They sift through reviews on a lot of different sites and summarize the results, as well as what features to look for in general.
  • Consumer Reports – the old standby. Still pretty good. ~$30/year.
  • Angie’s List – if you need to hire a contractor locally or get your car fixed. Not free.
  • Metacritic – they take all the critic reviews of movies, TV shows, video games and more and give each one a meta-score. You can also see the meta-score from average folk vs. critics.

What are your favorite sites for consumerreviews and recommendations? Let me know, I’m a total research nerd!