My name is Emma Love Arbogast. I grew up in Myrtle Creek, Oregon, lived a long time in Portland, and now live in Salem.

This site is a place for me to post updates, research notes, artwork, and other random bits of life.

What happened to all the old posts?

cheekyboots used to be full of a lot more posts. Like, 400 or so. And then I pruned a bunch of them, to make way for new stuff. So it’s going to be a little sparse for a bit, until the new growth comes in.

What does “UX” mean?

It stands for “user experience”. It’s my thing. Er, one of my things.

User experience design is more than creating awesome useful interfaces to computer/web stuff. It’s thinking about how to create the optimal experience for everyone, everywhere.

How could we structure work to make everyone happier working?

How could we structure education to make learning better and easier?

What would have to change so there was less conflict in the world?

How can I, as an individual, best structure my life so it is ease-filled and satisfying?

I think about this stuff a lot.

What else do you do?

I run a small green web hosting business.

I write about how to be happy in a world of suffering on Joy Ninja.

I have some old posts on how to create a non-striving business (and life) at Tao of Prosperity.

More of my projects are listed at emmaarbogast.com.